The museum documents the history of Fort Sam Houston and the military in south Texas, from 1845 to the present, and is open to everyone. It is housed in the Quadrangle’s east wing, occupying 11 of the 38 ground floor storerooms.  (The others are occupied by offices of Army North and not open to the public.)  Please see the “Access” page for detailed information about how to get on the base to come and visit the Museum.

Large double doors in each storeroom allowed easy access by escort wagons, for loading and unloading supplies.  When the storerooms were converted to offices for the Southern Department, around 1917, the windows were enlarged to let in light and Palladian doorways with side lights replaced the wooden doors.

The Museum occupies the east wing of the Quadrangle.  Look for the blue awning and the red billboard sign saying OPEN.