Hello and welcome to a self-guided tour online for those not able to visit during business hours when the Quadrangle or Museum are open.

There are different stops along the way that explain different aspects of the history of each area or item you will see through the photographs.

There is also a printed pamphlet available for download at this link.

Please use the drop down menu to navigate to these pages:

Online Stop 0: The Kiosk

Online Stop 1: The Sally Port

Online Stop 2: Geronimo!

Online Stop 3: Cannon and the Tower

Online Stop 4: Workshops and Buildings

Online Stop 5: Quadrangle Animals

Online Stop 6: Storerooms and Offices

Online Stop 7: Water Features

Online Stop 8: Vidales Sundial

Online Stop 9: Quadrangle Trees and flora

Online Stop 10: More Modern Cannons and Carts

A little challenge for those who wish to compare the online and the printed versions, or set the task to younger legs to follow the online sequence (which is not the most straightforward path around the Quadrangle). There is a little more information in the pamphlet, but all is shown online…